New Vestry Reporting Available to You

In an attempt to provide more timely updates, the Vestry has adjusted our process of reporting. Look for a summary of your Vestry’s monthly business in T-mail shortly after the monthly meeting. The purpose of this summary is to explain the key points that the vestry is working on more clearly than the formal minutes. Once approved by the Vestry, the full minutes will still be available to parishioners. (Vestry minutes for one meeting are approved at the subsequent meeting, i.e., a month later.) To receive the minutes, please make your request to Liliana Nava-Ramirez at [email protected].


Jim Osterhaus (2024)

Senior Warden

Nancy Gordon (2024)

Junior Warden

Holly Desmarais (2023)

Mark Epley (2023)

Don Foy


tom heitman

Thomas Heitman (2025)

hudson, mary

Mary Hudson (2025)

abigail manzo

Abigail Manzo (2025)

annette niles

Annete Niles (2025)


Clare O’Leary (2024)

Teresa Rowe (2023)

carl sperapani

Carl Sperapani (2025)