Jim Osterhaus (2027)

Senior Warden

hudson, mary

Mary Hudson (2025)

Junior Warden


Don Foy


abigail manzo

Abigail Manzo (2025)

annette niles

Annette Niles (2025)


carl sperapani

Carl Sperapani (2025)


Patience Kaijuka (2026)


Mary Rinaldi (2026)


Ken Schutz (2026)


Garth Wilson (2026)

image 4

Jeff Davidson (2027)

image 5

Eric Jensen (2027)

tom heitman

Thomas Heitman (2027)

Vestry Reports Are Available to You

To keep the congregation updated with Vestry news, we communicate in the following ways:
1. Look for a summary of our monthly meetings in the Truro News. The purpose of this summary is to explain the key points that the vestry is working on more clearly than the formal minutes. 2. Once approved by the Vestry, the full minutes are available to church members. (Vestry minutes for one meeting are approved at the subsequent meeting, i.e., a month later.) To receive the minutes, please make your request to Molly Andreson, Clergy Administrator at [email protected]

What does a Vestry do?

  • Manages the “temporalities” (finances; buildings and grounds) of the congregation in line with the vision
  • Elects the Rector, with the consent of the Bishop. (But cannot terminate him or her, without the Bishop’s consent.)
  • Approves the budget. (The congregation receives it, does not approve it.)
  • Supports the Rector in the spiritual leadership of congregation.
  • Presided over by the Rector; cannot meet without the Rector (or Rector’s approval)
  • Is elected by congregation, from nominees determined by rector and vestry; nominees must meet diocesan criteria, which include spiritual and theological qualifications. 
  • Appoints a finance committee to give regular financial reports, buildings and ground committee, and a personnel committee
  • Elects a Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Register and Treasurer. (These “officers” are recommended to the vestry by the Rector and Executive Committee, and voted upon by the vestry) 
  • Can ask for the bishop’s help or advice for congregational, staff or vestry concerns. (Our Bishop welcomes such interaction.)


Due to inclement weather, the Truro campus will be closed on Friday, January 19.

Questions? Email [email protected].