Clergy Notes – September 29th, 2023

Dear Truro Family,

Over a month ago, we sent off a group of wonderful people from our congregation to start a new church just down the road. We praise God for Trinity Burke! Meanwhile, God has been bringing new people into our congregation over the last year. We praise God for that too!

If you’re one of those new people, or if you’ve been around for a while and haven’t taken steps towards membership, I’d like to invite you to consider becoming a member of Truro. To help you in that process, we’ll be hosting our fall “Truro Membership Lunch” on November 12. This lunch will go from 12-2 PM, and you’ll have a chance to hear from the clergy, ministry directors, and leaders of the Vestry (our wardens) sharing what Truro is all about. If you can’t make this lunch, we’ll also be offering one in the winter.

We’d love for you save the date for this lunch and consider taking this step towards membership. This would also be the right step to take if you would like to be confirmed (make a public/adult confession of faith), received (into the Anglican Church), or reaffirm your faith (if you have recently found your faith in Christ to be reawakened) when Bishop Warner visits us next year on March 10.

We’ll share more info in the weeks to come.

Your brother,


P.S. I will be away this Monday – Wednesday on a prayer retreat, praying for the needs of the congregation. I invite your prayers for me, as I pray for you!