Scripture Readings (2023 + 2024)

Scroll down to see our upcoming Scripture readings and sermon series for the remainder of 2023 and all of 2024. Join us on Sunday mornings and other special services throughout the year as we go deeper into God’s Word.

DateFirst LessonGospelSeries
July 2, 2023Psalm 4Mark 4:35-41Summer in the Psalms
July 9, 2023Psalm 5Matthew 5:17-20Summer in the Psalms
July 16, 2023Psalm 6John 12:27-36Summer in the Psalms
July 23, 2023Psalm 7Matthew 7:24-27Summer in the Psalms
July 30, 2023Psalm 8Matthew 21:12-17Summer in the Psalms
Aug 6, 2023Psalm 9Luke 10:21-24Summer in the Psalms
Aug 13, 2023Psalm 10Matthew 16:24-28Summer in the Psalms
Aug 20, 2023Psalm 11Mark 10:17-31Summer in the Psalms
Aug 27, 2023Psalm 12Matthew 11:25-30Summer in the Psalms
Sep 3, 2023Genesis 1:1-8John 1:1-18The Gospel of John
Sep 10, 2023Genesis 1:9-19John 1:19-28The Gospel of John
Sep 17, 2023Genesis 1:20 - 2:3John 1:29-34The Gospel of John
Sep 24, 2023Genesis 2:4-17John 1:35-42The Gospel of John
Oct 1, 2023Genesis 2:18-25John 1:43-51The Gospel of John
Oct 8, 2023Genesis 3:1-13John 2:1-12The Gospel of John
Oct 15, 2023Genesis 3:14-24John 2:13-25The Gospel of John
Oct 22, 2023Genesis 4:1-16John 3:1-8The Gospel of John
Oct 29, 2023Genesis 6:1-8John 3:9-15The Gospel of John
Nov 5, 2023Genesis 6:9-22John 3:16-21The Gospel of John
Nov 12, 2023Genesis 7:1-10John 3:22-30The Gospel of John
Nov 19, 2023Genesis 7:11-24John 3:31-36The Gospel of John
Nov 26, 20231 Peter 1:1-9Matthew 16:13-20Christ the King
Dec 3, 2023Isaiah 1:1-20Mark 13:24-37Advent in Isaiah
Dec 10, 2023Isaiah 1:21-31Mark 1:1-8Advent in Isaiah
Dec 17, 2023Isaiah 2Luke 1:26-38Advent in Isaiah
Dec 24, 2023Isaiah 9:1-7Matthew 1:18-25Christmas Eve
Dec 25, 2023Titus 3:4-7Luke 2:1-14Christmas Day
Dec 31, 2023Ephesians 1:3-14Luke 2:8-21New Year's Eve
Jan 7, 2024Ephesians 3:1-13Matthew 2:1-12Epiphany
Jan 14, 2024Genesis 8John 4:1-15The Gospel of John
Jan 21, 2024Genesis 9:1-17John 4:16-30The Gospel of John
Jan 28, 2024Genesis 9:18-29John 4:31-45The Gospel of John
Feb 4, 2024Genesis 10John 4:46-54The Gospel of John
Feb 11, 2024Genesis 11:1-9Matthew 28:16-20World Missions Sunday
Feb 14, 2024Romans 6John 3:16-21Ash Wednesday
Feb 18, 2024Genesis 12:1-9John 5:1-17The Gospel of John
Feb 25, 2024Genesis 12:10-20John 5:18-24The Gospel of John
Mar 3, 2024Genesis 13John 5:25-29The Gospel of John
Mar 10, 2024Genesis 14:1-16John 5:30-36The Gospel of John
Mar 17, 2024Genesis 14:17-24John 5:37-47The Gospel of John
Mar 24, 2024Philippians 2:5-11Mark 11:1-11aPalm Sunday
Mar 28, 2024Ex. 12:1-14 + 1 Cor. 11:23-26Luke 22:14-30Maundy Thursday
Mar 29, 2024Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12John 18:1 - 19:37Good Friday
Mar 31, 2024Isaiah 25:1-9Luke 24:1-12Easter
Apr 7, 2024Hebrews 1:1-14Mark 16:1-8Hebrews
Apr 14, 2024Hebrews 2:1-4Luke 24:13-27Hebrews
Apr 21, 2024Hebrews 2:5-13Luke 24:28-35Hebrews
Apr 28, 2024Hebrews 2:14-18Luke 24:36-43Hebrews
May 5, 2024Hebrews 3:1-6Luke 24:44-49Hebrews
May 12, 2024Hebrews 3:7-19Luke 24:50-53Hebrews
May 19, 20241 Corinthians 14:1-12Matthew 7:7-14Prophecy and Tongues
May 26, 20241 Corinthians 14:13-25Matthew 7:15-23Prophecy and Tongues
June 2, 20241 Corinthians 14:26-40Matthew 7:24-29Prophecy and Tongues
June 9, 2024Psalm 13Matthew 26:36-46Summer in the Psalms
June 16, 2024Psalm 14Matthew 16:1-4Summer in the Psalms
June 23, 2024Psalm 15Mark 10:17-31Summer in the Psalms
June 30, 2024Psalm 16Matthew 6:25-34Summer in the Psalms
July 7, 2024Psalm 17Luke 12:22-34Summer in the Psalms
July 14, 2024Psalm 18:1-24Luke 1:68-79Summer in the Psalms
July 21, 2024Psalm 18:25-50Matthew 5:1-12Summer in the Psalms
July 28, 2024Psalm 19Matthew 11:25-30Summer in the Psalms
Aug 4, 2024Psalm 20Mark 9:14-29Summer in the Psalms
Aug 11, 2024Psalm 21Luke 1:46-55Summer in the Psalms
Aug 18, 2024Psalm 22Matthew 27:32-50Summer in the Psalms
Aug 25, 2024Psalm 23John 10:7-18Summer in the Psalms
Sep 1, 2024Psalm 24Luke 19:28-40Summer in the Psalms
Sep 8, 2024Genesis 15:1-11John 6:1-14The Gospel of John
Sep 15, 2024Genesis 15:12-21John 6:15-21The Gospel of John
Sep 22, 2024Genesis 16John 6:22-34The Gospel of John
Sep 29, 2024Genesis 17:1-14John 6:35-40The Gospel of John
Oct 6, 2024Genesis 17:15-27John 6:41-51The Gospel of John
Oct 13, 2024Genesis 18John 6:52-59The Gospel of John
Oct 20, 2024Genesis 19:1-22John 6:60-71The Gospel of John
Oct 27, 2024Genesis 19:23-38John 7:1-13The Gospel of John
Nov 3, 2024Genesis 20John 7:14-24The Gospel of John
Nov 10, 2024Genesis 21:1-21John 7:25-31The Gospel of John
Nov 17, 2024Genesis 21:22-34John 7:32-36The Gospel of John
Nov 24, 2024Genesis 22John 7:37-52The Gospel of John
Dec 1, 2024Isaiah 3 - 4Luke 21:25-33Advent in Isaiah
Dec 8, 2024Isaiah 5:1-10Luke 3:1-6Advent in Isaiah
Dec 15, 2024Isaiah 5:11-30Luke 3:7-20Advent in Isaiah
Dec 22, 2024Isaiah 6Luke 1:39-56Advent in Isaiah
Dec 24, 2024Micah 5:2-5aLuke 2:1-14Christmas Eve
Dec 25, 2024Isaiah 62:6-12Matthew 1:18-25Christmas Day
Dec 29, 2024Galatians 3:23 - 4:7Luke 2:15-21First Sunday of Christmas


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