Spiritual Direction

Spiritually, … we cannot make it through the desert or across the frontier alone, but must depend on the kindness of strangers. Yet those strangers upon whom we depend are not really strangers, but our sisters and brothers in Christ. They are the hosts, the givers of hospitality, who sustain us on the journey, our spiritual friends and directors.”

Margaret Guenther, Holy Listening: The Art of Spiritual Direction

What Is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a safe place for you to explore questions and concerns about your life with God. The intention in Spiritual Direction is to look for God’s activity within a particular situation or in your life experience, rather than to solve problems. Spiritual Direction invites you into a deeper relationship with God in the midst of whatever you are experiencing.

A Christian Spiritual Director is a trained listener who will accompany you as you share about your spiritual journey, helping you to notice God’s presence and activity along the way, as well as your personal reactions and responses. Hospitable, confidential, and grounded in biblical truth, Spiritual Direction will help you grow in prayer and live into your calling as a follower of Christ.

Sessions usually last about one hour and take place monthly. The Spiritual Director will help your conversation through attentive listening and thoughtful questions.

For more information about Spiritual Direction, please call The Rev. Abigail Whitehouse at 703-273-1300, ext. 305.

The Rev. Abigail Whitehouse
Associate Rector for Prayer and Healing
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[email protected]
703-273-1300, ext. 305


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