Clergy Notes – November 4th, 2022

Dear Truro family,

In last week’s reading from Philippians, Paul remarked that he was sure he would be delivered from his suffering – in part because of the prayers of his brothers and sisters in Christ. We can never overstate the importance of praying for each other, and the importance of being prayed for.

Here at Truro, we aim to be a truly praying people, in at least these four ways:

1. During our services. We pray at the beginning, in the middle, at the end. Our Anglican liturgy is saturated with prayer at every turn.

2. After our services. Prayer teams are always available to pray with you for any reason. Don’t hesitate to ask!

3. During the week. Our clergy and/or prayer ministers are available to pray with you over the phone, or in person. Just reach out to us at [email protected] or [email protected]. We treat every request for prayer with utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

4. At the drop of a hat. I encourage us all to be mindful of those moments in a conversation, when something difficult or even mundane is shared, when the Holy Spirit might nudge us to either offer to pray for the person we’re talking with, or to ask for prayer.

In a day and age of constant noise, distraction, and competing voices, perhaps one of the most beautiful gifts the Body of Christ can offer to its members – and to anyone else within our reach – is the gift of prayer. Believing that Jesus hears us, that he is also interceding for us, and that he himself will deliver us.

Praying for you – and grateful for your prayers for my family and me,



Due to inclement weather, the Truro campus will be closed on Friday, January 19.

Questions? Email [email protected].