Clergy Notes – June 9th, 2023

Dear Truro Family,

This coming Sunday we’ll begin a new sermon series, “Summer in the Psalms”. We’ll start with Psalm 1 this week, and then proceed one Psalm at a time all the way until Labor Day weekend. I’m praying that God uses this series to deepen our love for him and for his Word, and our capacity to respond to him as he reveals himself and calls us to himself. The Psalms are a treasure trove of profound truths about God, and profound invitations for us to worship God. I’m looking forward to digging into the Psalms with you!

I’m also looking forward to our church picnic after the 10 AM service. Our staff and volunteers have been working hard to make sure the grills are hot, the food is delicious, the tables and chairs are set up, and the water slides are ready to go. Let me encourage you to stick around for this picnic, and to be as overwhelmingly welcoming as you can be to one another: looking for new (and old!) faces, inviting folks to sit with you, and taking the first step to making one another feel a part of the family.

Your brother,



Due to inclement weather, the Truro campus will be closed on Friday, January 19.

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