Clergy Notes – February 2nd, 2024

Dear Truro family,

I’m delighted to announce that the Rev. Steve Cannizzaro has accepted my invitation to take on the role of full-time Associate Rector here at Truro, with the unanimous and enthusiastic consent of the vestry. After a six-month international search including 13 qualified candidates, I give thanks to God for answering our prayers by bringing Steve (and Libby!) to us. 

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Steve will help provide shepherding, pastoral care, Biblical leadership, and gospel-centered ministry to the flock at Truro. He’ll help lead our community life and ministry to young adults (20s/30s), and tend to our four pillars of the word, worship, community, outreach, and our “three Rs” of restoration, rebuilding, and raising up. Steve will begin in this new role on February 20th, and we’ll be commissioning him on Sunday, February 25. I’m looking forward to introducing Steve and Libby to you this Sunday in our 10:00 A.M. service! 

I’d like to thank the discernment team (Ted Desmarais, Chris Lasmanis, Cindy Olland, and Alice Strenglein) who helped us consider candidates. The wardens, clergy, ministry directors, and staff also played a key role in considering and interviewing finalists. Thank you also to the many intercessors who covered this process in prayer. God is faithful to his Church!



Due to inclement weather, the Truro campus will be closed on Friday, January 19.

Questions? Email [email protected].