Encountering the love of God through the love of families

Families show us something unique about God. Because God is Triune—a community of persons—we see this uniquely reflected in the loving community between a husband and wife, parents and children, brothers and sisters. Distinct persons who are also in some way mysteriously united reveal to us the nature of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This “Divine Image” starts with the natural family, the first living sign of God’s character in the world: “male and female He created them.” The love of a husband and wife and the life that flows from their union is an icon that God Himself imbedded within creation. But the gospel pattern is that God’s own “natural” family has grown to include many sons and daughters by grace. Just as Jesus gave His own life so that others may be brought into the fellowship of the Father, Son and Spirit, so natural families can and should extend their arms to embrace spiritual children—and aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters—into their communion. When this happens, the result is the church: a new, larger family bonded together not by the blood of biology, but the blood of Christ.

Amore at Truro is all about helping natural families to understand their unique identity and mission within the larger family of the Church, and to support them in becoming builders of this larger, spiritual family. Through classes, conferences, practicums and community exercises, we seek to help all people in Northern Virginia encounter the love of God through the love of families.


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