The Amore Project is a positive cultural engagement project.

The Amore Project starts from a strong theological foundation. Amore theology is based mainly on Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body—and Christopher West’s and Don Renzo Bonetti’s unpacking of this theology.  This theology sees God as intimately close to us.  It helps us learn to love one another as part of a spiritual family. It shows us a roadmap to sexuality in a sexually broken culture.  It teaches the reason why we have marriage and why we need to be missional, and in what way marriage and mission are related. It gives us the why, when churches have too often only given us the what. It goes on the cultural offense when churches have too often been on the cultural defense.

This foundation leads us to the three-pronged goal of the Amore Project. One prong is to build community amongst all God’s people, forming spiritual families and multi-generational connection. The second prong is to be missional, understanding how mission works into our family lives wherever we are and in whatever we are called to do.  To do this, we must pursue the third prong, to see Jesus as a part of our everyday life, through thanksgiving and an awareness of the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Overall, the Amore Project teaches us to achieve intimacy, both human and divine. Now having seen the why and the what, we must focus on the how. Several practical initiatives help us translate our foundational theology into our overall goals. These initiatives include theological teaching, our relationship with Mistero Grande in Italy, the Signs of Love class and translated book, dissemination of the Marriage Candle, and Amore Groups.