Have you ever felt like you wanted to talk to someone about your marriage? Not a counselor, just a good listener. Someone who asks lots of good questions. More like a friend, but a friend with lots of good experience. Someone who cares about you and your spouse and wants you to thrive in a marriage that is all that God intended it to be. Truro has trained marriage mentors who would like to be that kind of friend for you and your spouse. It’s very simple to get started. Andy and Laura Kuniholm coordinate a team of marriage mentors. They will match you with a mentor couple who will contact you and arrange a first get-together. From there, you can meet as often and as long as the four of you decide. Of course it’s totally confidential, and you only talk about what you feel comfortable talking about, just like you would with any good friend. Please contact Andy and Laura today, and let’s get started.