We are pleased that you have given Truro Anglican Church an opportunity to share in your wedding! Our goal is to support you in your new life together, to reaffirm the sacred nature of marriage, and to deepen the joy and faith of all who celebrate your special day with you.

We will work diligently with you to ensure you experience your wedding as a unique celebration. We will take seriously your own preferences, while at the same time maintaining continuity with Christian traditions that have enriched the marriages of countless generations of people before us.[Fusion_title size=”2″]Preparation for Marriage[/fusion_title] We believe that Christian marriages are formed in the fellowship of a church community, and engaged couples who plan to be married at Truro will be active participants at one of our weekend services. If you are not already involved here, please introduce yourself to one of the clergy before or after church. We would love to welcome you and tell you about all the activities and ministries available to the Truro Anglican community.
Christian marriage is an intentional lifelong commitment between a man and a woman. The premarital preparation process at Truro is designed to help you reflect Christian standards in your relationship, and to help you establish greater intimacy, communication, and unity throughout your marriage. Premarital preparation is essential for a successful marriage and is required for all couples planning to be married at Truro. These steps include:

  • Individual consultation with clergy.
  • The Marriage Preparation Course – a five week series designed to develop strong foundations for a lasting marriage.
  • FOCCUS – an inventory for Marriage Preparation to build a relationship through facilitating open couple communication, understanding, and study.
  • Alpha – at the discretion of the clergy, a 10-week course covering the essentials of Christian faith and community may be suggested or required.
  • Professional counseling, in addition to the above, may be recommended.

Couples seeking remarriage will need to participate in the premarital preparation program; additional counseling may be suggested or required. Please note that a period of one year must pass before remarriage following a divorce. Permission from our Bishop is mandatory.