Join us in ONE MONTH for Truro’s annual Parish Picnic after our 11:15 morning service!

A parish-wide picnic takes a lot of work on everyone’s part. You might be asking “Why do we even have a parish picnic?!” Though your tone could have done with one less exclamation point, I’m still glad you asked:

  1. Informal togetherness cultivates church unity. Have you ever tried to hold a serious conversation with watermelon dripping down your chin? …watching your kid race someone else’s kid down a waterslide? At our picnics, we create un-pressured time (and messy foods) for laughing and natural extended conversation!This happens with people we know already, but we are also thrown together with people we might not otherwise talk to! At picnics, we practice “Lov(ing) one another with
    [familial] affection” (Romans 12:10), breaking-down stodgy stereotypes and fear of the unknown in a relaxed, “family-like” environment.

So come for the food, for the friends old and new, for the bounce house and waterslides…or come for the “informal togetherness.”

CLICK HERE for more information and to sign-up to help make it happen.