“Amore” isn’t just about a certain small group model or program— it is a lifestyle of opening your life to others. That means you can embrace the Amore lifestyle in big and small ways every day.

As Easter approaches, perhaps you are planning a family lunch. Who could you invite to join you? Who might benefit from being invited into the celebration? It doesn’t have to be fancy— the power of hospitality is not in the elaborateness of the event, but in the sincerity of the welcome.

If you are looking for a community to join for Easter lunch, be brave and reach out— either to someone you know or to me— lots of our community groups host lunches and would love to include you! And if you are uncertain as to whether you are qualified to host something yourself, my advice to you is the same: be brave and reach out! Don’t be afraid to share yourself with others. You might be the answer to someone’s prayer this Easter!