As we explore how meals could become a significant part of Truro mission to impact our friends, colleagues and neighbors, I have found myself asking a question. You see, I get that meals are great way to show hospitality to strangers, both inside and outside the church, and to build “sticky” relationships . . . but how is Jesus actually present at those meals? How are “Meals with Jesus” any different to any other meal we eat? Perhaps that’s a little like asking the question of how Jesus is actually present in Holy Communion! Is it simply that Jesus is always present among His gathered people. Or by the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit? Or the public proclamation of God’s word, the scriptures and the Gospel. Or is there something about hospitality itself that reveals Jesus? I think all that is true. But I wonder if Jesus’ presence might also be made real in another way . . . in the character of the meals we throw. Because the meals that Jesus attended were both ordinary and extraordinary. They were ordinary in following the expected patterns of family life and middle-eastern hospitality. But they were also extraordinary in a number of ways: the guest list (who was invited, often “sinners”); how Jesus behaved and sometimes deliberately subverted social status and norms (think of his shocking acceptance of Mary Magdalene’s act of public intimacy). Meals with Jesus in the Gospel were little enacted revelations of His upside-down (or right-way-up) Kingdom! How might our “Meals with Jesus” be both simple, familiar and ordinary . . . but also extraordinary, risky, Kingdom revealing events?