Being a disciple of Jesus requires our whole heart and our whole mind. Adults gather at Truro in person and online for classes and for community, helping us grow in following Jesus individually and as a church.

Discipleship classes

Classes and courses are designed to engage the head, heart, and hands while helping participants grow in their relationship with Jesus and others. We usually offer a small handful of courses lasting 4 – 9 weeks each fall, winter, and spring on a wide range of subjects. 

Community Groups

At Truro, we have a wide range of groups, who meet together in a wide range of ways. Some groups meet weekly, others every other week. Some share a life stage, while others are intergenerational. Some groups are geographically based, while others meet online. All of our groups share one thing in common, however: they’re communities committed to figuring out how to faithfully follow Jesus, together.


Truro has a vibrant ministry for seniors. If you consider yourself in the Senior chapter of life, we’d love to connect with you for fun, for prayer, and for community.

Seniors meet for lunch every Wednesday at noon here at Truro. Bring a Friend!



Seeking God’s will and the ability to walk in it is foundational to the Christian faith. We learn his will in Scripture, pray, and in community.

Here at Truro Anglican Church, we have a variety of prayer ministries for many needs.


Truro is committed to helping couples build strong marriages. We offer support and guidance for your engagement, for your wedding, and for your life together.

Planning Your Wedding at Truro Anglican Church

Congratulations on your upcoming Marriage! We are delighted you are seeking God’s blessing on your marriage at Truro Anglican Church. We are looking forward to working with you to make your wedding a joyful occasion and a truly sacred event that will fully capture the holiness of matrimony. We want to assist you in every way possible. Once you have submitted a formal request, the Special Services Coordinator will contact you to schedule an interview with the clergy at Truro Anglican Church.

Our long-standing policy, both as a church and under the oversight of the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic, is that we perform weddings for individuals/couples who are members of Truro Anglican Church or members of another Anglican church. Only active members of Truro Anglican Church or other Anglican churches may use Truro for weddings. Active membership consists of either the prospective bride or groom officially joining the parish, regularly participating in the worship and parish activities of the church.


Marriage Mentors

Trained mentors are available to walk through married life with you, in good times or in difficult times. There is no program or agenda—it’s up to you to decide what you’d like to share.

Join a Community Group

Get connected with other people just like you, and other people who aren’t at all like you, for weekly fellowship, prayer, and bible study. Email [email protected] and we’ll help you take the next step.