Inaugural Event of the Truro Institute

On September 21, 2019, the Truro Institute hosted a special evening featuring an address by Harvard sociologist Dr. Jacqueline Rivers: “America: A Four-Hundred-Year Experiment on the Black Family.”

Responses to Dr. Rivers’ address were presented by Dr. Margaret McCarthy of the Catholic University of America, and Brent Orrell of the American Enterprise Institute. Finally, the Rev. Tory Baucum, Rector of Truro Anglican Church and Founding Director of the Institute, interviewed the Rev. Eugene Rivers. The Rev. Isaac Howard offered worship music.

About the Institute

The Truro Institute launched in September 2019. As an ecumenical ministry in the Judeo-Christian tradition, the Truro Institute’s mission is inspiring Americans to love the other as other for the common good. Sometimes the other is perceived to be totally other, an enemy. Even in this extreme situation, we are still called to love the other. But is this possible? How does it work? Who does it, and how?

Our friend Canon Andrew White is fond of saying, “An enemy is someone whose story we have not yet learned.” We have all been shaped by our unique histories and stories. The Institute is committed to helping persons, churches, synagogues, and communities learn the holy habits of thought and action that loving “the other, as other” requires. These holy habits of thought and action are necessary for openness to one another, civility in our mutual and public discourse, and a deeper understanding of disagreement, so that we’re not stuck on a zero-sum, winner/loser path. We believe this alternative path is what faith communities and average Americans must learn to walk if they wish to heal America of its current culture of contempt. We are very aware that this is a costly and counter-cultural initiative, both in society and in faith communities.

As an ecumenical ministry in the Judeo-Christian tradition, the Institute’s initial focus includes:

  • To help deepen the solidarity between Jews and Christians in fostering shalom in America.
  • To help heal the wounds of racial division, especially between black and white Christians.

The Institute’s goals will be achieved by the following strategic initiatives:

  • Interfaith scriptural reasoning groups
  • Community-building events
  • Peace pilgrimages and internships