Truro Anglican Church participates in and hosts a large number of special events every year and needs a diverse pool of volunteers who are ready, willing, and able to serve our parishioners and our neighbors in Northern Virginia. Do you have a servant’s heart? Are you willing to help set up before events or clean up after events? Do you have specific gifts or talents that you would like to offer, but do not yet know where your talents apply? Does your teenager wants to serve and build community service hours for their college application? Do you travel so much that you cannot commit to attend one particular ministry regularly? People of all ages with all types of life experience are welcome. If you are new to Truro Anglican, this is also a great way to meet people!

General Volunteering Opportunities:

  • Baking, decorating, flower arranging
  • Shopping for specific items
  • Setup + cleanup for receptions and events
  • Catering small, medium, or large events
  • Publicity and/or promoting various events

If you are interested in assisting in any way, please contact Becca Triplett.