Christ in Psalms: Advent Through Epiphany

Jan 20, 2013 ()

Bible Text: Psalm 96  |  


Readings: Isaiah 62:1-5; Psalm 96; John 2:1-11.

"How beautiful is the family" is a videoclip produced by Misterogrande in December 2012. Video and music have been purposely realized in view of the Third Conference on The Sacrament of Marriage held in Sacrofano in January 2013, entitled "Identity and mission of a family: domestic church". The video wants to announce with joy and freshness the beauty of a family that lives in the presence of Jesus. A family who welcomes other families but also single people, widowed persons, divorced people, young men and women. A place where also priests come to restore the energy and the strength to their mission. A place in which Jesus is always in the center, and concretely acts through ordinary gestures of a family (welcoming, a smile, an embrace, a shared dinner, a prayer, a song, etc.).

The invited people in the video represent all of us, in our daily and normal activities, works, struggles and joyful moments. Sometime, the day is difficult to face, as represented by black and white images. But the invitation of Jesus brings color to these ordinary daily moments. And what a joy, at the end of a day or of a week, meeting together in a family, with Jesus in the center (represented by the Misterogrande "Light of the Marriage" Candle and his Word), for saying to Him: thank you Lord, I praise you Lord, I love you Lord. And what a joy will be one day to discover that the author of those invitations (cell phone messages) was just Him, Jesus. And to see that among those friends around a table or in a moment of prayer, Jesus was there, as represented by the moving of circles.