Acolytes (age 12 through high school senior) lead processions, assist with the offering and with communion, and ensure all services proceed with simple dignity. They also assist at special services such as weddings and funerals. Training sessions are held periodically to recruit new acolytes.

The Acolyte Ministry vision includes:

  • Training young men and women to develop a strong spiritual walk with the Lord

  • Cultivating servant hearts in serving our Lord and his Church

  • Gaining a thorough knowledge and confidence of the acolyte role, eventually including faithful and responsible leadership of an acolyte team

  • Reaching out to other youth and introducing them to Christ

  • Acolytes must attend church regularly and be in 6th grade or turning 12. They are expected to participate once every four weeks on a scheduled team, and participate three to four times a year in either weddings, funerals, or special services.