Truro Church strives for excellence in worship. The Audio/Visual team is an extension of worship at Truro Anglican. In our worship, we offer our best to God. We understand as an Audio/Visual team, we can either enhance the worshiper’s encounter with God or hinder it. The Audio/Visual team is committed to excellence.

Requesting A/V Support

Requests for A/V support for events or worship services can be submitted one of the following ways:

  • Through Room Reservation forms (contact the Parish Secretary)
  • By contacting the Audio-Visual Administrator

Weddings do not need to specially request A/V support. All guidelines for media submission can be found below.

Submitting Projection, Video and Media (excluding announcements)

A/V staff will not accept media from sources other than the Communications Department or Audio Visual Administrator.


Powerpoint should always be formatted 16:9 ratio, for every monitor and projector on the Truro campus. You can read a “how to”  on changing the ratio here.

For basic PowerPoint design, black backgrounds with white font work best in the Church and Undercroft. Colors like grey, green and yellow do not project well in these spaces. All content and design must be approved by the Communications Department.

We have a premade template for PowerPoint, (text, not slide shows) formatted with the proper fonts, colors and backdrops. All PowerPoint users are required to use this template for their projects.

Download Template


Other Projection

Projection for sermons, notes, and any other projection not listed above must be reviewed for format and content by the Communications Department before use in worship or other events at Truro.

A/V staff will not accept or run projection from sources other than the Communications Department or Worship + Arts staff.


All Videos must be submitted directly to the Director of Worship + Arts.

YouTube Clips must be stripped and reformatted, then given to the Audio Visual Administrator via DVD or as a file on a thumb drive. For guidance on reformatting a YouTube video, see this link.

A/V staff will not accept or run video from sources other than the Communications Department or Worship + Arts staff.

Schedule and Deadlines

Projection, Videos and other media for Sunday Services will be accepted for review weekly Wed at 9:00 am through Thu at 5:00 pm. If this deadline is missed, your media will not be available for use on Sunday. Other events such as Teaching Missions, Alpha Events, etc., should contact the Director of Worship + Arts directly to schedule the review of their materials.

Please note: these guidelines do not always apply to Truro staff who handle their own projection/media etc. for events other than Sunday corporate worship.


All recording outside the Sanctuary is handled by Bill Pile. A/V team members assist in DVD digital recording of worship services. Those who are interested in recording should contact Bill Pile directly.

Setup for your meeting or event

A/V Team is not responsible for the setting up of projectors and other sound equipment for church related meetings during the week. Certain Truro staff and ministry leaders are expected to receive basic training and approval for the operation of the audio/visual equipment in the Upper Room and Undercroft. Training will be coordinated biannually by the Director of Worship + Arts and the Parish Administrator.

If requested in advance through the Room Request system, the sextons can provide a digital projector and screen to a meeting space other than the Upper Room or Undercroft. However, Sextons are not trained to complete A/V set-ups. The sponsoring AOM has the responsibility to ensure that an individual attending the meeting is knowledgeable about proper set-up and operation of equipment.

Sextons can set-up a microphone and stand in the Undercroft and turn on the equipment. Any other use of A/V equipment must be handled by the sponsoring AOM of the event.

If you do require the use of an A/V team member for your event, you must book them for a minimum of two hours. A/V Team members can be scheduled through the Audio-Visual Administrator, or on the room reservation form.

Rates for AV Hire for outside (non-Truro) groups

Truro’s A/V Team members are often available for hire for outside events using Truro’s facilities. Please do not assume that requesting A/V support equals booking A/V support. All outside requests for A/V staff must go through the Parish Secretary or the Audio-Visual Administrator.

Outside groups will be charged $50/hr for A/V staff support. There is a two hour minimum pay requirement for A/V staff support of outside events. The Audio-Visual Administrator will bill the individual organization following the event.

Please note that we will not always be able to accommodate requests for A/V support.


Weddings worship services in the large church requiring A/V support incur a $100 flat fee for one AV staffer. Parish Life calculates this fee when billing couples for weddings.

Wedding receptions in the Undercroft requiring A/V staff support will be charged $50/hr for A/V staff. There is a two hour minimum hourly pay for wedding receptions, including setup and tear-down time. Couples will be billed for A/V hours after their wedding by the Worship Area of Ministry.

Truro’s Audio/Video staff must be booked to operate the A/V equipment for wedding receptions, outside A/V Technicians are not allowed. Wedding parties are responsible for providing music/projection/video for their reception no later than one week in advance of the wedding. Setup requirements (number of mic’s etc) and a schedule for the reception are also to be provided one week in advance. Truro’s Audio Visual staff is not responsible for providing any background music, video or projection content for the reception.

Roles and Responsibilities of A/V Team Members

All A/V personnel are proficient in the operation of all audio equipment. Each member of the A/V team are trained and approved by the head of the A/V Team.

Planning Center Online

The A/V Team utilizes Planning Center Online. PCO is an online planning and scheduling website that is geared toward streamlining worship planning. The A/V team responds to scheduling requests and review service plans in advance through the Planning Center. Should you need to add an item to Planning Center for A/V review, please contact the Worship + Arts staff members.