Exploring Faith

TIPS offers optional Bible reading/discussions for those who would like to read and discuss the message of the Bible in English. All are welcome regardless of religious or non-religious backgrounds.

Childcare available upon request.

Day: Thu(s)
Fall Term: Sep 19 – Dec 12
Spring Term: Jan 19 – May 14
Time: 12:15 – 1:30 pm
Location: Undercroft
Cost: Free (included in fee for English Classes)
Donations to offset the cost of the meals are welcome

2019 – 20 TIPS Classes PDF

Other Available Classes


Culture Class

Class Delay and Cancellation Policy

When there is bad weather, we use the Fairfax County Public Schools cancellation policy as a guide. (You can find out about any delays and cancellations from the Fairfax County Public School website.)

Daytime classes: If Fairfax County Public Schools are delayed or cancelled, there be be no daytime classes.

Evening classes: Check your email and the TIPS Facebook page to find out if evening classes are cancelled.

The home page of the Truro website will also post notices when the entire campus is closed.