Truro Anglican will be hosting Life Model classes on an ongoing basis. Upcoming classes will show up in the sidebar of this page.

What is the Life Model?

The Life Model is a progressive series of classes that teach us about healthy ways to connect with God and each other. The curriculum is based in Christian theology and draws upon neuroscience, attachment theory and human development. The Model articulates five major factors that we need in order to thrive as humans and as Christians.

  1. Belonging: All people need a place to belong.
  2. Receiving and Giving Life: Interactionse with other need to give us life rather than hurt us.
  3. Resilience and Recovery: The most resilient people are not those for whom nothing goes wrong, but those who can bounce back by maintaining their relationships and regulating their emotions when thing do go wrong.
  4. Growth and Maturity: Each stage of human development is critical to growth, maturity and ability to thrive.
  5. Knowing Our Hearts: Through our hearts, we come to know ourselves as God sees us and to know God well.

Why should I take a Life Model class?

Truro Anglican is committed to equipping people with the skills and thoughtfulness to be the thriving body of Christ that God intend for us to be. We are offering Life Model classes because:

  • We want to be as fully mature as possible – spiritually and relationally – at every age and stage of life.
  • We want to be a source of joyful connectedness and belonging for the people around us.
  • We want to support and be supported by living networks: internally, in our relationships, in our work and in our play.
  • We want our spiritual life to be connected to God and others so that we are filled with peace and joy.
  • We want to restore the relational and spiritual skills that are being lost to trauma and accelerated social changes.

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