Theology has to do with our study of God. Nuptial is a word that describes a marriage relationship. So when we talk about ‘nuptial theology,’ we are looking specifically at the places in the Bible where God describes himself in nuptial terms—as a husband or bridegroom. This self-revelation of God as a Husband, and of His people as His Bride obviously has import on the meaning of our human marriages. However, it also has meaning for all people—married or single, believer or unbeliever—because it reveals something of the kind of relationship God longs to have with all people.

Nuptial theology reminds us that to be a Christian is not just to believe certain facts about God or even just to attend church on Sundays. Rather, it is to encounter God’s love and discover that it changes everything! It is to be welcomed into a relationship that is intimate, permanent, and safe.