To be a Christian is not just to believe certain facts about God or even just to attend church on Sundays. Rather, it is to encounter God’s love and discover that it changes everything! It is to be welcomed into His family; to be adopted as His child, to be betrothed as Christ’s bride.

Amore Groups provide an opportunity for us to live that out: to grow in God’s love together as members of His family, and to extend that love to others. Groups meet regularly for a time of fellowship, worship, teaching, and prayer. Newcomers are always welcome—married or single, young or old, lifelong Christian or skeptical seeker. This is because in God’s family, there is always room for one more.

We close each group meeting with the Lord’s prayer, holding hands but facing outward as a sign that we are both together as a community and also called out on mission—to love our neighbors and the world with the Love the changes everything.

If you are interested in visiting a group or learning more, email Hannah King.