You and your spouse can do the Marriage Course online for FREE.

All of our relationships are being challenged right now, and none more so than marriages. Talking about those challenges and facing them together can be a real opportunity to grow.

You and your spouse can take advantage of the Marriage Course that’s being offered online from Holy Trinity Brompton Church in London FOR FREE.

Here’s how it works: Sign up using the button above, and you will receive a link to the online course. You will need two course books, one for each of you. You can find those either HERE or HERE.

When you’re ready, set yourselves up in a nice date night kind of atmosphere—you can begin the course whenever it works best for you.

You, too, can deepen your relationship and move from dull to dynamic. You can even turn away from separation or divorce! For more than 20 years, The Marriage Course has built, strengthened, and even mended marriages. This valuable course helps married couples learn practical tools to build a strong and healthy marriage. During the eight-week series, couples have the opportunity to discuss those important issues that are often ignored in the rush of daily life. It is designed for married couples who want a strong and lasting relationship—whether newlyweds or 40-year veterans. The Marriage Course is based on Christian principles for marriage, but we welcome all couples with or without a church or faith background. Men and women alike benefit from this course.

What to Expect

Each session typically begins with a meal. Over dinner, couples have an opportunity to spend time together with each other or with other couples. Dinner is followed by a talk, interspersed with exercises and questions for each couple to discuss privately. During the discussion times, music is played in the background to prevent any conversations from being overheard. At no time during the course is there any group discussion or any requirement to disclose anything personal to anyone other than your spouse.