You may use the photographer and videographer of your choice. Because your wedding is an offering of worship to God, Truro Anglican Church respectfully requests that no photography (flash or non-flash) be taken during the wedding ceremony by your wedding guests. Photos may be taken at the conclusion of the ceremony. Please advise your guests of this policy in advance of the wedding.

Guidelines for Wedding Photographers:

Dear Photographers,

We believe it would be helpful to mention several things so that you have a better understanding of the wedding policies at Truro. Our desire is to work with you in a way that is best for everyone involved in the wedding.

Our highest priority is that the wedding ceremony be a worship service. We believe that we are in God’s presence, seeking God’s blessing, and celebrating God’s love. God is the author and source of love, and is the model upon which all human love is based. Anything that distracts or hinders worship will not be tolerated.

Truro is an extremely busy church with numerous demands on its facilities. We would ask that you honor our requests regarding time. The site for the wedding will be available for pictures for 30 minutes beginning one hour before the ceremony. You must vacate the site 30 minutes prior to the start of the service. After the service is finished, you may take pictures in the courtyard or on the grounds if those spaces are available for an additional half hour. We need to have everyone gone within an hour after the ceremony is over.

You may take pictures of the bride’s procession from one of the last few pews of the church and use a flash if necessary. You may also use a flash during the processional at the conclusion of the service. During the service, you may take photographs from the balcony, rear pew, or narthex, but we do not allow flashes during the ceremony. Please be as discrete as possible.

We are happy to accommodate requests for posed pictures, but please note that we do not honor any exclusive contract with photographers which would prevent family and friends from taking personal photographs after the service.

Upon arrival at the church we ask you to contact either the clergy person responsible for the wedding or a member of our Wedding Guild to review these procedures.

With God’s Blessings,

Truro Anglican Church