The Marriage License

The Marriage License should be delivered to Liliana Nava on the day it is issued or as soon as possible thereafter.

Wedding Guild

The Truro Wedding Guild will meet with the bride and groom approximately one month prior to the wedding date to review the details pertaining to the wedding ceremony. They also provide support and direction during the rehearsal and ceremony. Non-Truro weddings will be coordinated by a Truro Wedding Guild Member and will be charged a small fee for their support.

Audio Visual

Truro’s A/V staff must be booked to operate the A/V equipment for weddings in the church and receptions in the Truro Undercroft; outside A/V technicians are not allowed. Wedding parties are responsible for providing music/projection/video for their reception no later than one week in advance of the wedding.

Setup requirements (number of microphones etc.) and a schedule for the reception are also to be provided on week in advance. Truro’s A/V staff is not responsible for providing any background music, video or projection content for the reception.

Full Audio Visual Guidelines can be found here.