For your wedding, please feel free to use the florist of your choice. Only fresh flowers are allowed at Truro Anglican Church. The bride and groom are responsible for the setup and removal of all decorations in the church or chapel for their wedding. Truro Anglican Church does not provide altar flowers for weddings. Flowers placed inside the Altar Rail are considered an offering to the Lord, and must remain in the church for Sunday worship.

Pew Boxes: The Church has pew “flower boxes” available for use in the large church, while the Chapel is currently not similarly equipped. Pew boxes must remain on campus at all times, and may not be removed.

Chapel Decoration Guidelines for the Florist

  1. Please use the florist of your choice. Upon reserving Truro Anglican’s Chapel for your wedding, the Flower Guild is notified that their services will not be needed on that date so as not to interfere with your arrangements for decorating and service. Please remember: wedding Altar flowers are considered an offering to the Lord and will remain in place for Sunday worship.
  2. Two flower arrangements (one on either side of the brass cross) may be placed on a narrow wall shelf (4 feet long and 6″ deep) behind the Holy Table. A plastic container 10″ long and 4″ wide and 2″ deep, with Styrofoam 2″ thick glued to the bottom fits into Truro’s brass containers for the chapel. Nothing may be placed on the Holy Table with the exception of the sacraments. If Communion is not part of the ceremony, the Holy Table remains at the Altar. It may not be removed from the building nor pushed to the side. The floral arrangements should be no higher than the top of the cross. Measurements should not be more than 16″ high, 20″ wide and 5″ deep.
  3. Flowers may be placed in the two front windows and/or in eight side windows if desired. A 9″ diameter 3″ deep bowl fits well in the deep window sills. An all-over size for the two front windows might be 3 feet high. Smaller arrangements in the side windows may be appropriate. Flower placements are limited to the aforementioned areas with no exceptions.

Large Church Decoration Guidelines for the Florist

  1. A sunburst type flower arrangement may be placed in a brass container on a table behind the Holy Table giving the appearance of the flowers actually placed on the Holy Table, only if the Holy Communion is not included in the wedding ceremony. A paper mache container which measures 13 long, 5″ high with a width of 5 feet fits well into Truro’s brass container. A good overall size for this arrangement is 3 feet high and 4 to 4.5 feet wide.
  2. Floor-standing brass candelabra supplied by Truro may be placed behind the Holy Table or placed behind the sunburst arrangement. Each candelabra holds seven white beeswax candles supplied by Truro. No flowers may be attached to the candelabra.
  3. Two pedestals (41″ high) may be placed at either end of the Holy Table. An arrangement in a plastic container approximately 9″ in diameter and 3″ deep fits nicely and shows well. The overall size of this arrangement is 3 feet high with greens flowing out about 2.5 to 3 feet. The Truro Candelabra may be placed behind the Holy Table with this type arrangement.
  4. Pew markers may be placed at the ends of pews to reserve family seating. Pew boxes are small wooden boxes 4.5″ long and 5″ wide, made especially for Truro as no commercial flower holder fits satisfactorily over the wood work of the pews. The bride and groom are responsible for calling the church receptionist to make arrangements for measuring the boxes and delivering the specifications to the florist. A plastic sandwich baggie with oasis is used as the liner and flower holder.