A wedding is a time of worship in which we are brought into God’s presence; seeking God’s blessing and celebrating his love. Truro weddings follow the order set in the Book of Common Prayer. Couples may choose to have the wedding ceremony with, or without Eucharist. If Eucharist is part of the service it is offered to everyone in attendance.

Certain wedding customs are not permitted such as aisle runners, guest books, receiving lines, photo slideshows or throwing birdseed or rose petals. If you wish to recognize some of these traditions, we suggest doing so at your reception. For the procession, the men and women will process down the center aisle in manner determined by the couple, the wedding guild and the officiating priest. The couple will decide with the wedding guild on the preferred organization of the procession, however a lengthy pause preceding the entrance of the bride involving closing and re-opening the door of the church is not permitted. All members of the wedding party process behind the cross. We do not permit the use of aisle cloths nor sprinkling of flower petals—authentic nor silk. The minimum age recommended for those processing down the center aisle is 3 years old.

Couple may choose whether or not to sign the registry or light the unity candle during the worship service. These traditions happen in conjunction with each other if both are chosen.

No variation of the Unity Candle such as sand, etc., is allowed.


It is not mandatory to have the celebration of Holy Communion at Truro Anglican weddings. Participation in the Holy Communion is the sole privilege of all baptized Christians. Receiving Holy Communion at a Truro marriage ceremony is not the exclusive right of the couple seeking to be married. Christian couples planning their wedding at Truro Anglican Church will have the option of including the celebration of Holy Communion in their marriage ceremony. Active membership in good standing at a local Christian church is required from the couple among other requirements.

Holy Communion at a Truro wedding will be celebrated by an Anglican priest and administered to all baptized Christians presently witnessing the ceremony. Holy Communion at marriage ceremonies at Truro Anglican Church is not to be administered with pre-consecrated elements of bread and wine. Exceptions will be cleared by the Rector. The inclusion of Holy Communion at their marriage ceremony will lengthen the time it normally takes to celebrate the wedding.

Church and Chapel Policy: The couple provides three (3) candles and stands: One unity candle and two (2) candles to light the unity candle. These three items are placed on a small table located near the Holy Table in the Church and outside the altar rail in the Chapel.

Worship Guides for your Wedding

Truro Worship Guides, in the format of a Truro worship service, are used for all Truro weddings, and must be printed at Truro on ivory paper. The only adjustment permitted is the addition of ribbons or bows. If you wish to add ribbon, please make arrangements for early pickup of your worship guides with your music coordinator at Truro. Deadline for edits to the wedding bulletin is fourteen days prior to the wedding. Non-Truro weddings must have their wedding bulletin format (a draft may be sent) approved by the Director of Worship & Arts at Truro Anglican Church at least 2 weeks in advance of the wedding.