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In the Christian tradition, Baptism is one of the fundamental sacraments of faith because it symbolizes the incorporation of the individual into the corporate Body of Christ. Truro Anglican views Baptism as a solid, objective milestone in a person’s individual walk with Christ, signifying his/her obedience to the commands of our Lord.

During the sacrament of Baptism, an individual promises to obey Jesus Christ as Lord, and to raise his or her children in the Christian faith. Baptism services are held during Sunday worship times, in the presence of the gathered Truro Anglican family. This emphasizes that a believer’s fundamental commitment to God is public, not private, and Christians need the community of faith to live out their baptismal vows.

To adequately prepare for Baptism, adults, teenagers, and parents of children to be baptized should take The Welcome Course and schedule a consultation with The Rev. Joey Fitzgerald, Director of Family Ministries. The Alpha Course is also recommended for adults presenting themselves for Baptism. A rehearsal from 9:00 – 11:00 am on the Saturday morning immediately preceding the Baptism Sunday is required for adults, older children, the parents of children to be baptized, and sponsors or godparents of candidates who will be present at the Baptism. To obtain a baptism application, contact Alice Hunt.