Exploring life faith meaning

Join us for Alpha this winter either in English or en Español.

Feb 14–May 9
10:00 a.m. via Zoom

At Alpha, we explore life, faith, and meaning in a small group setting.

At Alpha, we want to learn together and discuss our thoughts on certain aspects of faith. No one is forced to say or believe anything, and all perspectives are welcome.

No question is too hostile or too simple.

We believe not only that these conversations are important, but that people all around us want to have them. Alpha is free and don’t worry—if you don’t like the first week, there’s no commitment to come back. You are allowed to put as much in to Alpha as you feel comfortable with. Every week will be an opportunity for you to slow down and discuss life, faith, and meaning. The more perspectives there are, the richer the conversation is. Come as you are—whether asking hard questions, voicing doubts, or simply listening, your voice is important!

This winter we are offering Alpha in two sessions, one in English and one en Español. 

Please register ahead so we can send you the Zoom link!


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