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What's your question? #tryalpha

Our next Alpha will begin in September. Please check back for more details!

At Alpha, we make space to wrestle with big questions in small community.

Alpha is a sincere attempt for meaningful conversations around spirituality, the person of Jesus, and the beliefs of Christianity. This a safe space for the sake of honest exploration without coercion—a space to ask hard questions, voice doubts, and grow together in a community. No question is too hostile or too simple.

Alpha runs in weekly sessions for 8–10 weeks, and includes a Weekend Away halfway through. Each week, we share a meal, hear an informed talk on a topic, and have an open discussion on that evening’s topic.

There are so few places for such discussions, and NoVA can be oppressively busy, even lonely. Yet Truro Anglican Church believes people want to have conversations of this sort. So we at Truro invite you to Alpha. Come make space and wrestle with big questions in small community.

No matter your background or beliefs, will you join us on the first night of our next session for a taste of Alpha?


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