Who Is Jesus?

Apr 7, 2016
Was Jesus a real, historical person? Was he a great moral teacher, or was he more than that? Tim Mayfield talks about the evidence.

Why Did Jesus Die?

Apr 14, 2016
Matt Hemsley shares his thoughts on the death of Jesus and whether it has any relevance to our lives today.

How Can I Have Faith?

Apr 21, 2016
Can we be Christians and still have doubts? How do we know if faith is real? Tim Mayfield discusses what having faith means.

Why and How Do I Pray?

Apr 28, 2016
If God knows our needs, why should we pray about them? Tim Mayfield offers his thoughts and some practical advice.

Why and How Should I Read the Bible?

May 5, 2016
The average American household has 6.8 Bibles, but why should anyone read one? Matt Hemsley talks about where to start.

How Does God Guide Us?

May 12, 2016
Matthew Hemsley speaks about whether we can know God’s plans for us.

Who Is the Holy Spirit?

May 14, 2016
Tim Mayfield opens the Alpha Weekend Away with a talk explaining the nature of the Holy Spirit.

What Does the Holy Spirit Do?

May 14, 2016
In this second talk from the Alpha Weekend Away, Tim Mayfield describes the presence and activity of the Holy Spirit in our world.

How Can I Be Filled With The Holy Spirit?

May 14, 2016
Tim Mayfield’s third talk on the Alpha Weekend Away describes how each of us can have the fullest presence of the Spirit in our lives.

How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of my Life?

May 14, 2016
Tim Mayfield speaks in the final talk of the Alpha Weekend Away.