Exploring life faith meaning

At Alpha, we explore life, faith, and meaning over a meal together.

At Alpha, we eat and learn together, and discuss our thoughts on certain aspects of faith. No one is forced to say or believe anything, and all perspectives are welcome. We start with dinner together, listen to a talk, and then have time for a discussion in a small group.

No question is too hostile or too simple.

We believe not only that these conversations are important, but that people all around us want to have them. This is why we make Alpha free for all, including a meal and nursery care. Simply let us know you are thinking about coming by registering.

Fall Alpha is an eight-week course! Registration will be open for the first three weeks. 

We hope you’ll stay for the whole eight sessions, (October 4th through November 22nd), because every week you’ll be able to slow down to discuss life, faith, and meaning. The more perspectives there are, the richer the conversation is. Come as you are – whether asking hard questions, voicing doubts, or simply listening, your voice is important!




for Seniors