09 Aug 2017

Reason #3 we are having a Parish Picnic

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Truro's Parish Picnic is this Sunday, August 13th! We hope you'll join us. We could still use some people signing-up to bring food or to help make the day happen. And if you're wondering why we love our Parish Picnic so much, here's another reason: It affirms the need for [...]

31 Jul 2017

Why do we Have a Parish Picnic?! (pt.2/4)

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Remember that YOU and any friends you’d like are invited to our upcoming Church-wide picnic. As if the possibility of seeing Tim go down a water slide (come on Tim…) isn’t enough reason to come, here is part two of our “Why do we do a church-wide picnic again?” series: [...]

20 Jan 2015

Things Are Not As They Appear

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In 2015, the Rector's Forum will largely be devoted to a study of the book of Revelation. We will study the Apostle John's Visionary Book in the context of the whole canon of scripture to understand how he has summarized and re-stated the whole message of the Bible by re-imagining key images and concepts of both the Old and New Testaments.

31 Mar 2014


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This coming Easter, during Easter Vigil (see schedule), Bishop John will be confirming members of Truro.  Confirmation is a public confession of faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord.  It is always appropriate for Christians to publicly confess Jesus.  What makes confirmation unique is that it is done before other [...]

05 Jul 2013

Lack of clergy training partly to blame for tribal conflicts

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Truro has several mission partners working in the Sudan: 5 Talents, Becky Shah and Tom Prichard.  Archbishop Moses Deng Bol traces much of the conflict in the region to an inadequate understanding of the gospel.  That is true not just in the Sudan but also in the USA.  Those who have a shallow and inadequate grasp of the gospel of peace tend to escalate rather than deescalate conflict. Let us continue our work among the Sudanese as well as continue to grow with them in the work of peacemaking.