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25 Sep 2014

Alpha, Amore, and Evangelism for Everyone

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Sometimes we think “sharing the gospel” means knowing just the right thing to say to convince someone to believe, or that “being missional” means doing something radical like moving overseas. And while those things are great, Alpha and Amore teach us that the secret to powerful evangelism is actually something [...]

30 Jun 2014

More Updates from Italia!

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As I sat in a seventh century Italian church worshiping and praying with a group of young people, I felt a heaviness around and through me. This was not a heaviness I had ever felt before. I did not feel as though a weight had been placed on my shoulders. Nor did I feel as though I was carrying a heavy load. This was something entirely different. For the first time, I felt heavy in a sense that I had been filled with something that had never entirely filled me before. During that warm night in the Italian countryside, I felt completely filled by the Holy Spirit. It was as if I was being pulled back to my center.