05 Sep 2017

Alpha — You Never Know.

By Jason Lalone|2017-09-13T15:29:05-04:00Sep 5, 2017|Alpha, News|

Questions, discussion and free food are to Alpha like coffee shops are to lattes, or baseball games to hotdogs, or the Fall season to chilly nights. But you may wonder: "what are some of the topics we discuss at Alpha?" Alpha is a place where anyone is welcome to freely [...]

15 Jun 2017

An Amore Father’s Day

By |2017-08-08T16:45:24-04:00Jun 15, 2017|News, The Amore Blog|

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the ministry of fatherhood. It is a day of cute crafts gifted from sticky fingered-kids and notes of appreciation from their mothers. It is a day for dads to hear “thank you.” However, the gospel brings to bear a few important reminders for [...]

19 Jan 2017

Have You Read “Signs of Love”?

By |2017-01-31T17:18:54-04:00Jan 19, 2017|News, The Amore Blog|

"Signs of Love: Christian Liturgy in the Everyday Life of the Family" is a foundational text for life at Truro. In it, Fr. Renzo Bonetti explores the deep connection between the work of the Church—the corporate body of Christ—with the work of the family, the domestic body of Christ. He [...]

25 Sep 2014

Alpha, Amore, and Evangelism for Everyone

By |2017-11-15T12:08:53-04:00Sep 25, 2014|Alpha, News, Our Community, The Amore Blog, True Community|

Sometimes we think “sharing the gospel” means knowing just the right thing to say to convince someone to believe, or that “being missional” means doing something radical like moving overseas. And while those things are great, Alpha and Amore teach us that the secret to powerful evangelism is actually something [...]

17 Feb 2013

Lent 2013, Week 1: Day 1

By |2013-08-10T11:40:12-04:00Feb 17, 2013|News|

Today’s Scripture I love the Lord, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy. —Psalm 116:1 Spiritual Exercise I love this verse. It’s a memorized emergency prayer I pray when I feel I am growing distant from God. It makes me articulate the simple fact that ‘I [...]

17 Feb 2013

Lent Week 1

By |2013-08-10T11:39:08-04:00Feb 17, 2013|News|

In this first week we are going to focus upon the simple Biblical promise that God loves us and wishes us endless joy, life and bliss. That sounds lovely but it si one thing to hear and even believe it in our heads and another to have the truth alive [...]

17 Feb 2013

Spiritual Exercises for Lent 2013

By |2013-08-10T11:32:35-04:00Feb 17, 2013|News|

Here you will find some very 'simple' spiritual exercises for this Lent. There are no rules, just suggestions to help you focus upon God and what he has for us. Jesus said: "I have come to give life, life in all of its fullness" (John 10:10) So the first goal [...]