17 Oct 2014

Community v. Mission?

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Sometimes in the church we assume that “community” and “mission” are diametrically opposed values; that as Christians, we have to pick one or the other to focus on, or figure out how to balance the two. But what if there was another way? At our wedding, someone gave us a [...]

01 Nov 2013

A Marriage Homily

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This weekend I have the privilege of being the celebrant at the wedding of two friends. Over the past two years I was able to watch this seed of romance form and grow. It was fun to be a spectator and to see how God was moving and working through [...]

27 Jun 2013

After DOMA: Our Missionary Future

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Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled on two cases dealing with the issue of same sex unions.  Many scholars agree that the implications of those rulings will result in the full and eventual state recognition and sanction of "gay marriage." At one level, the rulings are not surprising.  The Supreme Court [...]

14 Jun 2013

Pope meets Archbishop of Canterbury, seeks to promote marriage as UK heads to gay marriage

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Article by Associated Press. VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis waded diplomatically into the gay marriage debate Friday, telling the Archbishop of Canterbury he wants to work together to promote family values “based on marriage.” Francis, who vigorously opposed gay marriage in his native Argentina, and Archbishop Justin Welby chatted, prayed [...]

02 Apr 2013

An Article on Marriage

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In light of the recent Supreme Court hearing, I encourage you to read the following article: Homosexual Marriage, Parenting, and Adoption: The Chief Rabbi of France says what we often forget to say. by Gilles Bernheim Article from First Things