24 Sep 2019

Things I Love About Alpha

By |2019-09-24T08:42:46-04:00Sep 24, 2019|Alpha, Events|

I didn’t think I’d like Alpha before I tried it. I was already a Christian, so I wasn’t expecting to get anything out of it. But, the more I experience it, the more things I love about it. Here are a few of the things I love about Alpha: There’s [...]

09 Sep 2019

Back to the Basics: What is Alpha?

By Becca Triplett |2019-09-09T10:05:44-04:00Sep 9, 2019|Alpha, Events|

Alpha is an eight to ten-week course that’s run all over the world that always includes three things: food, a talk about Christianity, and a small group discussion. We believe that community is built where people have a space to gather and discuss what they’re really thinking and feeling, and [...]

09 Aug 2017

Reason #3 we are having a Parish Picnic

By |2017-11-15T12:08:44-04:00Aug 9, 2017|Events, Truro|

Truro's Parish Picnic is this Sunday, August 13th! We hope you'll join us. We could still use some people signing-up to bring food or to help make the day happen. And if you're wondering why we love our Parish Picnic so much, here's another reason: It affirms the need for [...]

31 Jul 2017

Why do we Have a Parish Picnic?! (pt.2/4)

By |2017-11-15T12:08:44-04:00Jul 31, 2017|Events, Truro|

Remember that YOU and any friends you’d like are invited to our upcoming Church-wide picnic. As if the possibility of seeing Tim go down a water slide (come on Tim…) isn’t enough reason to come, here is part two of our “Why do we do a church-wide picnic again?” series: [...]

11 Mar 2013

Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel

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Friends, the seminar we had a small hand in helping Christopher West put together is now going global.  The Theology of the Body for All Christians Seminar is coming this Thursday, March 14 in Lancaster, PA.  If you missed it last year a Truro this would be a good time [...]