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15 Oct 2019

Traveling, Northern Virginia, and Alpha

By Jason LaLone|2019-10-15T14:01:47-05:00Oct 15, 2019|Alpha, Our Community|

Hi, I’m Jason, and Alpha followed me around the world. For the past three and half years I have had the incredible privilege of being able to travel. From Australia, Europe, New Zealand and India I’ve been on a crazy journey of experiencing new cultures, different people, and incredible (though [...]

03 Sep 2016

“A Meal With Jesus” Experience

By Brenda Van Ness|2016-11-28T22:37:33-05:00Sep 3, 2016|Our Community, The Amore Blog|

Brenda Van Ness recently had a “meals with Jesus” experience the defied her own expectations. And as Jesus does, He used this unconventional meal to be a blessing to her as well as to her guest. Below is the story in her own words: I recently had to leave my [...]

18 Aug 2016

An Introvert’s “Meals with Jesus”

By Suzanne Dorman|2017-11-15T12:08:49-05:00Aug 18, 2016|Our Community, The Amore Blog|

Suzanne and Dan Dorman are a young couple with a seven month old baby. Their home is small but they've not let that stop them from opening it to others and hosting an Amore group. Below is a reflection from Suzanne about their Amore ministry over the summer: ----- My [...]

20 Jul 2016

Meal with Jesus—Even on Vacation

By Coleman Tyler|2016-07-20T11:10:16-05:00Jul 20, 2016|Our Community|

For the past 2 years we’ve had our house on the Chesapeake Bay (Mathews, VA), we’ve been making an effort to befriend our neighbors and show kindness and appreciation for them. When we were there for a few days last month (Jun) we were with 11 of them – some [...]

07 Jul 2016

A Meal with Karen

By |2017-11-15T12:08:50-05:00Jul 7, 2016|Our Community|

I love it when people cook for me. I don’t care what they make (I can pick out any yucky green peppers from my plate), I don’t care if their house is clean, I don’t care if there are toys scattered around, I don’t care how they are dressed or [...]

30 Jun 2016

A Meal with the “Son of Man”

By |2017-11-15T12:08:50-05:00Jun 30, 2016|Our Community|

How would you complete the sentence “The son of man came. . . ?” Perhaps you would say something like “. . . to teach us about the Gospel!” or “. . . to die on a cross!” or “. . . to heal people!” Tim Chester puts this provocative [...]

28 Jun 2016

Meals as Acting Out Jesus’ Kingdom

By |2016-06-28T17:54:16-05:00Jun 28, 2016|Our Community|

As we explore how meals could become a significant part of Truro mission to impact our friends, colleagues and neighbors, I have found myself asking a question. You see, I get that meals are great way to show hospitality to strangers, both inside and outside the church, and to build [...]