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22 May 2017

What is the “Amore Lifestyle”?

By | May 22, 2017|The Amore Blog|

If marriage is a picture of Christ's love for the Church, then married couples have a powerful ministry to the world. They are a living sign of the spousal love of Jesus-- the love that calls people from every tribe, tongue, and nation to the family of God. This means

14 May 2017

The Meaning of Motherhood

By | May 14, 2017|The Amore Blog|

Last night, Truro participated in an interdenominational memorial service "for any who mourn a child lost through miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth, abortion, or infant death." It was a sobering and worshipful time of prayer, grief, and sharing. Here is an excerpt from the teaching delivered by Coleman Tyler and Hannah

23 Apr 2017

What is “Amore”?

By | Apr 23, 2017|The Amore Blog|

“Amore” is a word you may hear a lot around Truro. On its most fundamental level, Amore is about experiencing the love of God through the love of families. The family, as the cell of society and a community of love, show us what God is like. But also, the

12 Apr 2017

An Amore Easter– Who Can You Host This Sunday?

By | Apr 12, 2017|The Amore Blog|

“Amore” isn’t just about a certain small group model or program— it is a lifestyle of opening your life to others. That means you can embrace the Amore lifestyle in big and small ways every day. As Easter approaches, perhaps you are planning a family lunch. Who could you invite

28 Feb 2017

Lenten Study Guide Available

By | Feb 28, 2017|The Amore Blog|

Learn in community this Lent by joining a community group to discuss themes from "Tough Conversations with the Heart of Jesus" by Truro parishioner Rich Tiller. This book and accompanying study guide are designed to help us personalize and practice our Lenten theme this year of peacemaking and reconciliation. The

15 Feb 2017

“Death” on Valentine’s Day for Marrieds and Singles

By | Feb 15, 2017|The Amore Blog|

Take a few moments on this Valentine’s Day week to think about how our love— be it through the vocation of marriage or singleness— can continually be conformed to the pattern of our Savior and His Cross: "If marriage and singleness alike are about this sort of holy death to

19 Jan 2017

Have You Read “Signs of Love”?

By | Jan 19, 2017|News, The Amore Blog|

"Signs of Love: Christian Liturgy in the Everyday Life of the Family" is a foundational text for life at Truro. In it, Fr. Renzo Bonetti explores the deep connection between the work of the Church—the corporate body of Christ—with the work of the family, the domestic body of Christ. He