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01 Feb 2017

Your Kids love Alpha, Too!

By | Feb 1, 2017|Alpha|

This past year, my wife Hannah and I had a baby. Well, she did most of the having, but our baby Isaiah was born last April. You’ve probably seen him, he’s the one who is objectively the most beautiful baby boy to be born this century. Isaiah is now nine

30 Jan 2017

To My Amazement, Alpha.

By Jason Lalone| Jan 30, 2017|Alpha|

In 2012 I took this course called Alpha. I had heard about Alpha through Truro Anglican Church and decided that the opportunity for free food on a Friday night sounded delightful. To my amazement, the food was excellent! But more than that the people were actually friendly and welcoming. It didn’t

25 Jan 2017

Nesheim Testimony

By | Jan 25, 2017|Alpha|

24 Jan 2017

“Come and See” at Alpha

By | Jan 24, 2017|Alpha|

Here at Truro, we make space for something called Alpha. This is a 10-week community that invites you to ask big questions; none are too hostile or too simple. We’ll eat together and hear a talk on topics from the meaning of Jesus’ death to Evil. We began this past

19 Jan 2017

Alpha Followed Me Everywhere

By Jason Lalone| Jan 19, 2017|Alpha|

Hi, I’m Jason, and Alpha followed me around the world. For the past three and half years I have had the incredible privilege of being able to travel. From Australia, Europe, New Zealand and India I’ve been on a crazy journey of experiencing new cultures, different people, and incredible (though

18 Jan 2017

Alpha, Alpha Everywhere – What is it?!

By | Jan 18, 2017|Alpha|

Alpha begins next week, Fri, Jan 27 at 7:00 pm (or Thu, Jan 26 at at noon for lunch). If you’ve spent any time around us here at Truro, you know that we invest our energies in Alpha. But you may not know that it is so central to what we’re

17 Jan 2017

Finding a Place to Belong, NOVA Style

By | Jan 17, 2017|Alpha|

At the end of every Alpha course we ask guests what they thought—what they liked, what could be better. I expect them to talk about the food, the talks, the small groups the retreat, all of the pieces of Alpha. It surprises me how many say that the best thing