23 Apr 2017

What is “Amore”?

By | Apr 23, 2017|The Amore Blog|

“Amore” is a word you may hear a lot around Truro. On its most fundamental level, Amore is about experiencing the love of God through the love of families. The family, as the cell of society and a community of love, show us what God is like. But also, the

19 Apr 2017

Be childish!

By Jason Lalone| Apr 19, 2017|Alpha|

As soon as we start putting together our own thoughts as a child, we start to question. We want answers to how and why things work: Why do I have to go to school? Why are my parents telling me to not eat chocolate all day? How does this clock

13 Apr 2017

“Food for Thought” — a Party!

By | Apr 13, 2017|Alpha|

One week from today, we begin Spring Alpha. Come join us, and invite a friend! Invite a friend because our “Food for Thought” intro dinner is a no-pressure way to experience the ethos of Alpha: great food, new friends, and the chance to ask big questions. In addition to a

12 Apr 2017

An Amore Easter– Who Can You Host This Sunday?

By | Apr 12, 2017|The Amore Blog|

“Amore” isn’t just about a certain small group model or program— it is a lifestyle of opening your life to others. That means you can embrace the Amore lifestyle in big and small ways every day. As Easter approaches, perhaps you are planning a family lunch. Who could you invite

13 Mar 2017

“Growing Pains: Multicultural Explosion Rattles Residents”

By | Mar 13, 2017|Rector's Rough Draft|

Friends, We aren't yet a minority-majority county as I claimed two weeks ago. According to this intriguing article we are at about 45% and growing! This is worth the read. Tory RAPID GROWTH IN ETHNIC MIX OUTSIDE D.C. IS A TREND THAT'S SWEEPING THE COUNTRY.  Marisol Bello and Paul Overberg,

28 Feb 2017

Lenten Study Guide Available

By | Feb 28, 2017|The Amore Blog|

Learn in community this Lent by joining a community group to discuss themes from "Tough Conversations with the Heart of Jesus" by Truro parishioner Rich Tiller. This book and accompanying study guide are designed to help us personalize and practice our Lenten theme this year of peacemaking and reconciliation. The

22 Feb 2017

A Vision for Families

By | Feb 22, 2017|Rector's Rough Draft|

In my last post, I shared an interview that the Catholic Witness did with me, as one of the speakers in the upcoming Fresh Expressions Amore Conference. In this post I'm sharing another article about the conference from the same publication. I would encourage everyone to join the roundtrip bus ride

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