09 Aug 2017

Reason #3 we are having a Parish Picnic

By | Aug 9, 2017|Events, Truro|

Truro's Parish Picnic is this Sunday, August 13th! We hope you'll join us. We could still use some people signing-up to bring food or to help make the day happen. And if you're wondering why we love our Parish Picnic so much, here's another reason: It affirms the need for

08 Aug 2017

Coming Soon: Amore Event Series

By | Aug 8, 2017|The Amore Blog|

Have you ever wondered about how a Christian vision of singleness might be a blessing to the Church? Or about the "why" of Christian marriage as opposed to just the "how"? Have you ever wondered what Tory means when he talks about "nuptial theology?" In the coming year, we are

08 Aug 2017

Rooted: An “After Alpha” Experience

By | Aug 8, 2017|Alpha|

At Truro we believe the action happens in circles, not rows. This is why we invite people to explore faith in small groups around a dinner table (Alpha) instead of in a classroom. But what happens after Alpha? In order for us to be truly formed as Christians we need

31 Jul 2017

Why do we Have a Parish Picnic?! (pt.2/4)

By | Jul 31, 2017|Events, Truro|

Remember that YOU and any friends you’d like are invited to our upcoming Church-wide picnic. As if the possibility of seeing Tim go down a water slide (come on Tim…) isn’t enough reason to come, here is part two of our “Why do we do a church-wide picnic again?” series:

24 Jul 2017

Why Do We Even HAVE a Parish Picnic?! (pt.1/4)

By Michael King| Jul 24, 2017|Events, Our Community, True Community, Truro|

Join us in ONE MONTH for Truro’s annual Parish Picnic after our 11:15 morning service! A parish-wide picnic takes a lot of work on everyone’s part. You might be asking “Why do we even have a parish picnic?!” Though your tone could have done with one less exclamation point, I'm

15 Jun 2017

An Amore Father’s Day

By | Jun 15, 2017|News, The Amore Blog|

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the ministry of fatherhood. It is a day of cute crafts gifted from sticky fingered-kids and notes of appreciation from their mothers. It is a day for dads to hear “thank you.” However, the gospel brings to bear a few important reminders for

22 May 2017

What is the “Amore Lifestyle”?

By | May 22, 2017|The Amore Blog|

If marriage is a picture of Christ's love for the Church, then married couples have a powerful ministry to the world. They are a living sign of the spousal love of Jesus-- the love that calls people from every tribe, tongue, and nation to the family of God. This means