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Rev. Tory Baucum is the Rector of Truro Anglican Church and this is his official blog. Rector's Rough Draft This is the place to read what I am thinking about all things theological and all things Truro: sermon ideas, exegetical notes, cultural observations, Anglicanism, ministry initiatives, and prayer requests. As a rough draft these are not finished thoughts but first thoughts. I write primarily for parishioners but friends, inquirers and others are welcome to join our conversation. It is okay to eavesdrop but if you wish to post please abide by the ground rules posted on the sidebar.
19 May 2015

Alpha and “The Joy of the Gospel” – Part V

By | 2017-11-15T12:08:51-05:00 May 19, 2015|Alpha, News, Rector's Rough Draft|

A non-judgmental attitude is so crucial to the "missionary style" that Pope Francis elaborates on this characteristic of the evangelist specifically: "All this demands on the part of the evangelist certain attitudes which foster openness to the message: approachability, readiness for dialogue, patience, a warmth and welcome which is non-judgmental."

18 May 2015

Alpha and “The Joy of the Gospel” – Part III

By | 2015-06-05T11:14:46-04:00 May 18, 2015|Alpha, News, Rector's Rough Draft|

Pope Francis writes in Evangelium Gadium: Nothing is more solid, profound, secure, meaningful and wisdom filled than that initial proclamation. All Christian formation consists of entering more deeply into the kerygma, which is reflected in and constantly illumines, the work of catechesis, thereby enabling us to understand more fully the

15 May 2015

Cracow Journal—Dietrich Bonhoeffer

By | 2017-11-15T12:08:51-05:00 May 15, 2015|News, Rector's Rough Draft|

Last weekend I took a train to Wroclaw, the capital of the southern province of Silesia. When Germany controlled this area the city was called Breslau. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was born there in 1906 when it was considered a microcosm of all of European culture and civilization. Indeed, Norman Davies wrote the definitive history of Wroclaw/Breslau and entitled it "Microcosm." If Wroclaw was a microsm of Europe then the Bonhoeffer's were a microcosm of the cultured European.