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28 Jun 2016

Meals as Acting Out Jesus’ Kingdom

By |2016-06-28T17:54:16-04:00Jun 28, 2016|Our Community|

As we explore how meals could become a significant part of Truro mission to impact our friends, colleagues and neighbors, I have found myself asking a question. You see, I get that meals are great way to show hospitality to strangers, both inside and outside the church, and to build [...]

29 Sep 2014

Preparing Your Home to Receive Guests!

By |2014-09-29T21:46:11-04:00Sep 29, 2014|Alpha|

When you prepare your home to receive guests, you don't wait until the guests arrive before you make sure everything is ready for them! No, if you care about visitors, you prepare things well in advance! And it's the same with our church. We can't wait until visitors arrive before [...]

09 Sep 2014

Why Parties Matter!

By |2017-11-15T12:08:53-04:00Sep 9, 2014|Alpha|

The Alpha Party is Fri, Sep 19 As a church we've been reading the Gospel of John, one of four biographies of Jesus' life! And we've seen that much of what Jesus did and taught was organized around parties and celebrations! Jesus' ministry begins at a wedding, when he spares [...]