Last Sunday afternoon, almost the entire vestry and staff met on the Truro campus. We listened and responded to the results of staff and vestry surveys, met together in small groups (outside in the beautiful weather!), prayed for one another, and asked God to give us words and pictures regarding Truro’s future. “I was a little anxious beforehand thinking it could be very contentious, but it was actually very healing,” one staff member said. Some vestry and staff members were moved by the Spirit to confess, repent, and humbly ask forgiveness. All of us were deeply touched by the spirit of honesty and humbleness. “I came away feeling very hopeful for Truro’s future,” said another, echoing many other comments. Many of us were surprised by the similarity of words and pictures we received as we prayed about Truro’s future, and most of them had to do with joy, celebration, and exuberance.

Please continue to pray for Truro in the days and weeks ahead. Pray especially for the vestry and staff as they work together. Next week, we’ll give more information about cottage meetings—opportunities for you to listen and share about Truro’s past, present, and future.