Hi, I’m Jason, and Alpha followed me around the world.

For the past three and half years I have had the incredible privilege of being able to travel. From Australia, Europe, New Zealand and India I’ve been on a crazy journey of experiencing new cultures, different people, and incredible (though some not so incredible) food.

Benefits of Traveling

There were many advantages of getting outside the town where I grew up. It broadened my perspective on life. The small bubble of Northern Virginia has a different place in my mind. The place I call my home doesn’t completely overtake my thoughts, as if the way of doing things in Northern Virginia is the “only” way. There are so many ways of doing life, going about a day, doing business, and there are so many ways of wrestling with big questions in life.

One thing I loved about traveling was speaking to people about those big questions in life. I also found that a conversation about religion was actually a great bridge to friendship. Once I engaged with what the other person believed, we had a greater bond than what we began with.

Depth of Conversation

What I found surprising was the ease with which a conversation of greater depth could take place. Sometimes in our Western society, it can be very challenging to explore these topics with other people. What an individual believes or values can be regarded as “taboo” or “off limits” in a conversation. But in other cultures, what one believes is easier to talk about.


Before I traveled, I decided to take the Alpha course in 2012. It was one of the only places I had the opportunity to talk about these “deeper” (“bigger!”) things of life. This was something I had previously wanted to explore, not just on my own but with others. It was at  Alpha, finally,  that I had the opportunity to hear more about the Christian faith as well as talk about the questions I had been holding onto within a small community.

If you’re looking for a place to ask these big questions and hear about others’ perspectives, you can still join us for our Fall Alpha on Friday at 7pm. We can’t wait to see you!