Pope John Paul II said, “The future of the world passes through the family. I would add, “The future of America passes through the black family.” Why is this? Because when you see an intact, flourishing black family in America you are witnessing a sociological miracle. The two-parent, mother and father with children, black family was historically erased on this continent for 250 years. For another 100 years, it was oppressed. In the past 50 years, it became a sociological experiment. In 1965, black out-of-wedlock births was at 30 percent.  For the last decade, it has been at 70 percent.

The Rev. Eugene and Dr. Jacqueline Rivers are the most compelling advocates for understanding this story and why all families can benefit from the hard lessons of the African American community. All families are at risk. Let us humble ourselves and learn from the African American experience of family. Please join me to hear them the weekend of Sept 21-22 at Truro.

In Christ,


Jacqueline Rivers will be presenting an address at Truro on Sat, Sep 21. Her husband, Eugene Rivers, will preach at Truro the following day. More info on the Saturday event can be found HERE.