Alpha is an eight to ten-week course that’s run all over the world that always includes three things: food, a talk about Christianity, and a small group discussion. We believe that community is built where people have a space to gather and discuss what they’re really thinking and feeling, and that’s exactly what Alpha is for.

No question is too hostile or too simple.

Alpha is a space where you can explore the hard issues and questions of life without feeling like people are judging you. Where you can really say what you believe and where you will just be listened to. I know it’s hard to believe, but there’s really no agenda here. No one is obligated to say anything. We want everyone to feel included and respected when they come on Alpha, and to always feel like they are being heard and that their opinions and feelings are valid and important.

What does a night of Alpha look like?

The night is split up into three sections: dinner, a talk, and then a discussion within a small group. The dinner is where friendships are starting to be formed, the talk is where we learn about a basic concept of Christianity, and then the small group is where you get to share with others what you’re really thinking and feeling.

Come as you are.

Life is hard, but it’s a lot harder when you don’t have a safe place with an understanding group of people to help you wrestle with those challenges. And this is what Alpha is: an inclusive and welcoming environment where you’re known and accepted, no matter what questions or beliefs you have.