This past year, Hannah and I had our second baby. Well, she did most of the having, but our baby David was born last February. You’ve probably seen him, he’s the one who is objectively the most beautiful baby boy to be born this century, rivaled only by our firstborn, Isaiah. 

With our two boys, I’m aware of all kinds of things I haven’t thought much about: what if they don’t love music like me? What if they are not  Cowboys fans?! What do we do when they are willfully disobeying us? How do I answer all of Isaiah’s “But why?” questions? 

For many people, the seasons of child-rearing can bring up another realization: that they haven’t thought as much about the Christian faith as they would like. Whether they claim to practice it or not, this can often be a time of reflection on belief. 

Perhaps this is you. Alpha is the perfect low-pressure place to learn and talk with others about what they think. Perhaps this isn’t you, but you have friends or family with kids; know that they may well be considering afresh what they believe, and could use a safe space like Alpha to figure it out! For this reason, your kids love Alpha too! 

Join us at Alpha this week, Monday, January 21st at 6:30pm as Alpha begins! We have kids programs up through age 10.