Amore at Truro is all about “encountering the love of God through the love of families.” This happens in myriad ways– when people open their homes to others and welcome them at the dinner table, for example; or when a husband-wife team serve their community or church together; or when a group of Christians live together in such a way that they become like a family held together not by biology but by baptism; all of these are manifestations of God’s love in the flesh.

Our friend and mentor Fr. Renzo Bonetti often describes the ministry of families as a form of “pre-evangelism.” Even if there isn’t any overt Christian conversation or content to one’s relationship with a Christian family, he suggests,  people often encounter something of God through the family that begins to open their hearts and imaginations to more of Him. Doug Manwaring shares his own experience of the this phenomenon in this fascinating article chronicling his own return to the faith through the ministry of a family. Read his story here; and may it encourage you– as he says, “you have no idea the good you’re doing.”