Have you heard about Alpha?

Maybe you have, that it’s a safe place to explore the meaning of life. Or maybe you’ve heard that it’s a free meal an nursery care. Maybe you’ve only heard of Alpha but know nothing about it. Or maybe you’re apprehensive. Whatever it is you’ve heard or not heard, if you’re asking the question “Is Alpha for me?” then may I simply answer with a resounding “yes!”

Anyone is welcome on Alpha. When you join us on Alpha, you will find that we like to SLOW DOWN and EAT together, LEARN together, and DISCUSS what we thought together. When you come, you’ll be welcomed into a party, where you can meet new people. Some of those people won’t be followers of Jesus, and some will. We would have it no other way, because at Alpha we are Exploring together the meaning of life, faith, and God. The more perspectives we have at Alpha, the richer the conversation is! So all perspectives are welcome; no question is too hostile or simple.

Please join us when we begin on Friday, January 12th at 7pm. Come to a no-strings-attached first night to get a taste of what Alpha is like.

To find out more, go to truroanglican.com/alpha.
Have any questions? E-mail mking@truroanglican.com.